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Welcome to Katya Palladina website!

I was raised to be an artist from an early age, having studied art and design extensively at the Soviet Union's renowned Stroganov Moscow State University Of Art and Industry, one of Russia's oldest schools for art and design. My background includes painting, drawing, composition, sculpture, typography, art history, color theory and much more. I graduated on top of my class with the degree in industrial design. I was drawn to photography from an early age thanks to my father, who always had photo or movie camera in his hands. We used to develop our own film and prints in the bathroom of our tiny flat in Moscow.

I strive to apply an artist's eye to my photography, always seeing my subjects from a fresh perspective and avoiding cliché and tired trends. Carefully crafting a photograph, such as a formal portrait, can be much like creating a painting. It requires working with light, color, and composition both in front of the camera and long after the shutter is snapped, in postproduction. But what draws me most to photography, as opposed to painting, is the camera's unique ability to capture those fleeting moments, the change in a person's expression or posture that demonstrates true emotion and character.

There is no subject I'd say I am not interested to photograph. If you follow me on Facebook you will see me constantly shooting at events, festivals, weddings, during my travels, or even just the daily life of students at my school or what I had for breakfast. As one of my clients said - you can photograph a piece of paper and make it beautiful!

I hope you enjoy browsing through my galleries, read my blog and please contact me if you have any questions. I'd love to hear from you!

Katya Palladina