The Best Type of Hunting

September 29, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

First King Boletes found in US! After living in Pacific Northwest for more than a decade I finally got to go mushroom hunting and it was very successful!

This is a quiet kind of hunting, with camera and basket or a paper bag and a pocket knife. And a buddy! It was  Andrew's first time mushrooming too and he found more boletes than I did! 

We had to hike up in the mountains, climb some rocks and jump across clear streams. Ashberries were brightening surrounding greens with its vivid red color.

We were so impressed by a number of different types of fungi. They were large, small, tiny, purple, orange and bright red, like Amanita Muscaria.

Some orange variaeties were almost like chanterelles, but as saying goes - you can try mushroom once!

The best tripod to photograph mushrooms is your own knees or belly - they tend to be VERY close to earth.

To find our best King Boletes we had to go down very steep hill and look under low branches and big rocks.

Finding these sturdy and fresh young boletes was a highlight of our trip. And soup tasted really good!

If you like fungi please visit my Mushrooms Gallery.

Hope to see you on mushroom trails one day!


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