A Child on a Bus

March 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


I love public transportation. Growing up without a family car all I knew were buses, trains, subway cars, trams and trolleybus. Time to think, time to see, time to nap.

Travelling from Baguio to Sagada on the non aircon bus brought back many memories of long trips back in Russia. Face glued to the window, wind messing my hear, people, trees, houses moving past with great speed.

I was touched by this little boy no older than 18 month, who was sitting in front of us. Six hours of mountain winding road made me impatient, but this little child was quiet and very attentive when he had a chance to look over at us. He was sleeping in the beginning of the trip, cuddled on his mother's lap.

Then he was staring, and eating, and looking so attentively.

I will remember this trip not only for breathtaking beauty of the Cordillera scenery, but for this invisible connection I had with this little human.

There were others on the bus and on other buses - you may find it here.


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